Ashtabula considers ban on feral cats after stray found hanging from tree

Ashtabula considers ban on feeding stray cats

ASHTABULA, Ohio (WOIO) - Ashtabula city officials are considering a ban on feeding stray cats, citing a growing problem with strays in certain parts of the city.

“I guess it’s a citywide issue, I mean it’s been an issue in this neighborhood for a couple of years,” said west side resident Brandon Nelson.

Nelson says he does not agree with a ban, however.

“How are you going to enforce that?” he asked.

Over the weekend, 19 News spoke to a man who reported cutting down a cat he found hanging from a tree branch near the side of his property. The city said it is investigating the incident as possible animal cruelty, but no arrests have been made.

Several residents cited the incident as proof the city has a problem with stray cats, including the danger that others will lash out violently against them.

Vaughn Richmond told 19 News he can see both sides of the controversial issue.

“I mean you know, everyone has their issues about stuff and all the stuff, but if I see a cat starving, I’m going to feed it,” he said. “I’m going to give it a little bit of food. I’m not going to start no feral cat colony or nothing like that, you know, I’m not going to do that.”

The council is set to talk about the issue at its meeting tonight.

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