Cleveland Save-A-Lot employee rescues baby in the street

Cleveland Save-A-Lot employee finds baby in the street

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -A man speaks exclusively with 19 News about rescuing a baby from the middle of a busy road.

“I'm lost for words. If you notice, I'm stuttering cause I never witnessed nothing like that in my life,” said Aaron Wright.

Wright, a Save A Lot employee, could only speak over the phone because he was at his day job. He tells 19 news he went to get food at Burger King right after he finished his shift at 10 PM on Tuesday. As he was getting ready to leave Burger King on Clark Avenue, he witnessed something he describes as horrific.

“I saw a baby fall out of the backseat with the car seat. I thought it was trash at first, but I stopped. I just stopped,” said Wright. Wright says the car was leaving from the Little Cesar’s lot directly across the street. “The baby just flew out and what was crazy about it, the car just kept going,” said Wright.

Without hesitation, Wright grabbed the baby from the middle of road. He waited a few minutes, hoping someone would be back for her. When that didn't happen, he grabbed the car seat and drove the baby girl a short distance back to Save A Lot where the security guards called police.

“It was beyond your imagination. I still can't, I can't believe it right now,” said Wright. Cleveland Police tell 19 News they responded to Save A Lot and they were able to track down the mother a short time later.

We still have a number of questions including, “Was the mother charged?” We’ll update you when we hear back from police.

The baby was taken to MetroHealth Hospital and was unharmed.

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