Maintaining HVAC units for fall and winter months

Improperly maintained heating unit could lead to hefty repair bill

Maintaining HVAC units for fall and winter months

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Many of you have already switched your HVAC unit from air conditioning to heating. And while it may keep you comfortable in the during the season, doing so may put your system at risk for a long-term and costly issue.

It’s a nightmare scenario. A heating unit, breaking down on a frigid night, with repairs costing thousands.

Remington College HVAC instructor, Cory Thompson says, “The biggest fear is waking up at midnight and your house is 40 degrees.” Thompson suggest good maintenance to avoid that financial trap. And the easier fix is to change your filter every quarter. “These ones here on down at the bottom. When you’re at home, they’ll have a side duct and you’ll just slide the filter out and put a new one it.” Thompson adds that if there are pets in the home, to change the filter every 30-45 days.

Indoor units are becoming more sophisticated, unlike the old, archaic models. Thompson advises to not tinker with newer units that are more computerized. “A lot of these units are turning into circuit boards and basically turning into a computer that heats your house. If you don’t know that circuit board, you don’t know that system, you increase your risk in ruining something.”

One issue Thompson points out is with the dangers of clogs to important pipes within the unit that could make for a deadly situation. "If carbon monoxide builds up here, and it can’t get through, and your furnace is running, now you have to worry about that leaking. I would suggest a carbon monoxide detector nearby.”

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