Euclid waitress gets $1,070 tip at Mama Catena Vino e’Cucina

Euclid waitress gets $1,070 tip at Mama Catena Vino e’Cucina
Samantha Meyer, waitress at Mama Catena Vino e'Cucina. (Source: Mama Catena Vino e'Cucina)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - At Mama Catena Vino e’Cucina in Euclid, not just the portions are generous ... so are the tips.

A waitress at the family-run Italian restaurant received a $1,070 from a pair of diners last week.

The man and woman were there around 8 p.m. Thursday. They mentioned to their waitress, Samantha Meyer, that they were from out of town.

“All we know is that they were traveling through Euclid. As a matter of fact he asked, ‘What city am I in?’” said Meyer.

She said they ordered three appetizers, entrees and a bottle of wine for dinner.

The bill came to $92 and the couple tipped Meyer $100.

“Sam went back to him and asked if he made a mistake. He said 'No, I didn’t make a mistake, that’s what I wanted to leave,” said owner Rina Catena.

The waitress said she was nearly in tears from that gesture alone.

But, the generosity didn’t stop there.

According to Catena, when Meyer returned to the table, the man said he’d liked the bottle of wine they had with dinner so much he wanted to order another bottle to-go, and handed her his credit card.

When Meyer went to bus the table she noticed he’d left her a $970 tip on a $30 bottle of wine.

Catena said the waitress ran to catch the man outside, once again questioning such a large tip.

“Sir, did you make a mistake?” she asked.

Meyer said he assured her, this too, was not a mistake and he told her to go back inside and have a goodnight.

“Sir, who are you?'” she said she asked.

She said he kindly looked back and smiled but didn’t answer.

The man and woman were never in the restaurant before, to Catena’s knowledge.

Meyer said she was shocked and very emotional about the kind gesture.

She plans to share some of the tip with her coworkers, pay her bills and pay it forward. She said she never thought something this wonderful could happen to her.

“We are all very grateful that this unassuming gentleman touched our lives with his kindness,” Catena said.

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