Video shows incident outside police station involving Cuyahoga County employee

Video shows incident outside police station involving Cuyahoga County employee

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A Cuyahoga County worker was caught on camera getting physical with a woman outside of a police station right as she was heading in to file a domestic violence report against him.

19 News just obtained video of the September incident that happened outside of the Lyndhurst Police Department involving a public works foreman.

A witness even called 911 after this happened, concerned for the victim.

“I was just coming out of the police station and I saw a lady getting out of her car and there was a gentleman trying to grab her,” the witness said.

19 News is not using the worker’s last name to protect the woman involved.

In surveillance video we obtained from the police department, you see two cars pull up to the station.

A man gets out of the car and runs over to the woman, trying to grab her several times.

It all happens in less than 30 seconds and she breaks free and walks into the station.

The woman in the video told officers the man, named Arlend, had chased her there in his vehicle.

He was arrested and charged with domestic violence for that incident and another incident two days prior.

Lyndhurst Police
Lyndhurst Police (Source: WOIO)

On September 27, police responded to a Lyndhurst neighborhood for a domestic violence call.

A neighbor called police after he said a woman ran over and asked him to make the phone call.

Arlend is a painter for Cuyahoga County, making more than $80,000 a year.

Records show the vehicle he drove to the police department was his county-issued work truck.

He was also driving it when he was arrested.

19 News found the county is looking into the possible unauthorized use of the vehicle.

Arlend faced two domestic violence charges and one count of criminal mischief.

He pleaded no contest and was found guilty of a reduced charge of disorderly conduct in both cases.

He is still on the job.

We reached out to Cuyahoga County to find out if he faced any disciplinary action, and we have not heard back yet.

19 News also reached out to his attorney, and he said “no comment.”

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