Charges pending against man suspected of releasing hazardous substance at Oberlin Walmart that sent several to hospital

Charges pending against man suspected of releasing hazardous substance at Oberlin Walmart

OBERLIN, Ohio (WOIO) - Oberlin Police said charges are pending against Javonte Adams, 28, who allegedly released an unknown substance in the parking lot of the Oberlin Walmart on Oct. 29.

Six people, including an Oberlin police officer got sick from the unknown substance.

Adams is being held in the Lorain County Jail on unrelated charges.

7 people, including police officer, treated for suspected fentanyl exposure in Oberlin

Oberlin Police said there have been “no conclusive revelations” on any of the items sent for testing.

In fact, they said the lab found no positives for opioids, only THC, which is found in marijuana.

THC is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana that gives people a “high.”

According to Oberlin police, the first possible contamination was reported around 9 a.m. that Tuesday when police responded to a suspected overdose in the Walmart parking lot located at 46440 U.S. Route 20.

Last week, Oberlin Police Chief Ryan Warfield said he suspected fentanyl was the substance that led to the evacuation at the Walmart and sent several people to the hospital.

“We’ve been bred to run toward danger, and this kind of changes that dynamic a little bit. You know policemen, I don’t think we’ll ever stop running toward it,” said Warfield.

The patients were treated for symptoms consistent with an opioid exposure at Allen Memorial Hospital.

More than a week later, several questions remain:

  • Were there any drugs mixed in with the THC, and is it still possible opioids could be found?
  • Why are some of the items sent to the lab still pending analysis?
  • How much of the drug was found?
  • Is the suspect who overdosed at the Walmart facing any charges?

The crime lab said heroin and fentanyl are the no. 1 drugs in Lorain County.

Oberlin Police still unclear on exact substance that led to HAZMAT situation at Walmart

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