Slavic Village non-profit helping low-income pet owners who have been repeatedly robbed

Slavic Village non-profit helping low-income pet owners who have been repeatedly robbed

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A local non-profit’s mission is helping low-income families struggling to take care of their pets.

Neighborhood Pet Outreach and Resource Center in Slavic Village has been robbed three times in three months.

A sign hangs in the window saying, “In case you were thinking of breaking in again, please come back during business hours and we can give things to you instead of destroying the place.”

Blanche Hill tells 19 News she truly needs the wellness services and resources provided by this organization.

“I think it’s a solution to a lot of neighborhood people’s problems with their pets,” said Hill.

It’s clear someone is trying to ruin a good thing.

“We have, for some reason, become a target,” said Executive Director Becca Britton.

They’ve been robbed six times in three years. The most recent: Nov. 5, once in October and once in September.

Hill said, “My thing is why do they keep breaking in here?”

Britton says in the last two break-ins, she’s noticed a pattern.

“Whoever it is, they are determined to find something,” said Britton.

There’s a lot of rummaging and ransacking, and the damage has been bad. Phone lines cut, file cabinets ruined, iPads stolen, and windows broken to get inside.

"Whoever it was, he cut himself, so they trailed blood all throughout the place, got it on our curtains, our door,” said Britton.

19 News asked, “How much money do you think you’ve spent in total to fix the situation every time?”

Britton replied, “Easily a few thousand dollars, easily."

Hill says this place is very valuable to her personally. She brought her rescue dog in to be cared for. She’s begging the thief to stop.

“They really have nothing for you to take,” said Hill.

Britton says there will be some fundraisers coming up to help the organization recover from the damage.

The information will be posted on their website.

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