Lawsuit alleges Mayor Frank Jackson’s grandsons are running a gang out of his Cleveland home

Updated: Nov. 7, 2019 at 10:56 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A lawsuit alleges Mayor Frank Jackson is allowing a gang to operate out of his home.

A grieving mother filed the suit, saying the Mayor’s actions caused the wrongful death of her son this summer.

19 News learned from a source Thursday that police aren’t necessarily looking at Frank Q as the shooter in the homicide case.

However the lawsuit hints at something possibly much worse.

It essentially says the mayor’s grandson and other family members are running a dangerous gang right here in Cleveland and the mayor is letting them get away with it.

Prosecutor Michael O’Malley called it back in September, when police chief Calvin Williams refused to bring in an independent agency to investigate Anthony Parra’s murder case.

“Questions are going to be raised and they're going to be uncomfortable for the police, as well as the mayor,” O’Malley said.

Those questions now come in the form of a lawsuit filed by Anthony Parra’s mother.

And, it alleges much more than just the mishandling of the criminal case.

According to the lawsuit, two men the county prosecutor told us about in September are “believed to be affiliated with the Mayor’s grandsons.”

Police believe the shooters were in Frank Q Jackson’s car when they killed Parra in late August.

The suit alleges the suspects murdered Parra to gain status in a gang the Mayor’s grandson and great grandson are leading.

Around the same time, 19 News investigated after receiving a disturbing picture of a teen Shawn Murray.

Why would he openly flash a wad of cash and a gun, right outside the mayor’s house, in front of the police detail?

The suit says Murray is also a member of the gang lead by Jackson’s family members.

The paperwork ultimately says Parra’s death is the Mayor’s fault.

Here’s why— the Mayor’s accused of protecting his grandsons in numerous violent cases against them in recent years.

Because of that, Parra’s suit alleges the young men believe they are “above the law and that any crimes they committed would not be investigated or prosecuted as vigorously, if at all.”

So far, no arrests have been made in Parra’s murder at this point, and that includes Frank Q Jackson.

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