Portage County sheriff says requests for information on alleged jail beatings is ready, but he can’t provide it

Families file court documents to force investigation to be moved.

Portage County sheriff says requests for info on alleged jail beatings is ready, but can’t provide

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The number of former prisoners who say they were abused, beaten or pepper sprayed at the Portage County Jail is now more than 20 and growing.

The call for an outside investigation is also growing.

“It’s basically going to be requesting that the courts force Portage County sheriff to turn it over to an outside agency,” said Austin Frederick outside the Portage County County Courthouse, where he filed a Writ of Mandamus.

He wants the investigation of his allegations and those of others who claim they were abused taken away from the sheriff’s office.

“My question is, what do you have to hide? Why are you guys so intent on investigating yourselves?,” he added.

He was held at the jail for a time several years ago.

Through our stories Austin has compared notes with Amanda Griffiths. Her brother, Larry Tawney, claims serious injuries were inflicted on him in the jail. He was hospitalized.

She filed an open records request, and last night, got a reply.

“The documents and video regarding your records request for Larry Tawney copy attached are ready,” she said reading from an email.

19 News made the same request and heard nothing.

We went to the jail and spoke with Sheriff David Doak, who claimed reporter Paul Orlousky also got the same email as Griffiths.

He got no email.

Despite her email, Griffiths was told later in the day that the officer who sent and has the documents was out today and would be back Tuesday.

The lawsuits call for an outside investigation to take the call for a new set of eyes to examine the evidence takes things down a different path from earlier efforts.

A legal path.

Past efforts so far have been unsuccessful.

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