Northeast Ohio Weather: Mainly dry Sunday, snow returns Monday

Northeast Ohio Weather: Mainly dry Sunday, snow returns Monday

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Alright, even if you're anti-Christmas decor before Thanksgiving, you may want to put up the decorations tomorrow, even if you don't light them until the end of the month.

Reason being? We may not see another dry, "warm" weather day like tomorrow for awhile.

Temperatures warm to near 50° on Sunday, and that will be the last time we see 50s for awhile.

We stay dry during the day and during the Browns game, but showers will arrive overnight. We start with rain.

Through the day Monday as this system stalls over the area, and cold air moves in, we're expecting the rain to change into all snow by the afternoon. This could make things messy for the evening commute. We will see accumulation, and this will definitely impact travel and school closings heading into Tuesday.

Despite the system exiting by Monday night, we get a good setup for lake effect snow on Tuesday. A few heavy bands of snow are possible in the primary and secondary snowbelt. It will also be windy, so blowing snow will also impact travelers, especially along 90 in our eastern lakeshore counties.

To make things worse, we are getting COLD heading into the work week. Temperatures drop to near freezing through the day Monday, and into the low 20s overnight. Many of us won't get ABOVE freezing on Tuesday, and we'll be right around freezing on Wednesday. Overnight lows are in the teens.

If you’ve made it this far, we’ll see another chance for light snow with a clipper system moving in at the end of the week. Sorry.

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