Electric ‘Endurance’ truck puts Lordstown back on the map

Putting Lordstown back on the map with it’s electric truck “Endurance”

LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WOIO) - The Chevy Cruze sign at the shuttered Lordstown GM plant is down, but a new hope is on the horizon.

The company that’s taking over the facility says it’s the perfect spot to build their electric trucks.

Steve Burns, CEO of Lordstown Motors Corporation says, “The word Lordstown is going to be on the back tailgate of every pickup truck we make going across the country.”

The Cruze is now history and Endurance is the future. It’s the first electric pickup truck in the U.S.

“This is a working man’s truck that they’re going to be making, and so we wanted to name it for them--their endurance, the Lordstown Endurance. I think those two words go together well," said Burns.

There’s no question Lordstown has hung in there. It wasn’t long ago it looked like the small town was left for dead. When the Lordstown plant shut down in March, 1,400 people lost their jobs.

Now, local and state leaders are saying Lordstown will be back on the map very soon, starting with 400 workers in Fall 2020.

This is good news for Mayor Arno Hill and all of Lordstown. Hill said, “For the last 40 years we’ve been in a little bit of a decline, but I think this is a new adventure and I think it will be very successful."

Burns says as demand for these electric vehicles increases, he’d like to see a total of 5,000 UAW workers. He has plans to sit down with the union soon.

“We don’t want to get over ambitious. It’s tough enough our challenge to bring our car to market, but if we do it right, I think we have the opportunity to really make this a hub,” said Burns.

Youngstown State President Jim Tressel was also at the plant. He said he will do all he can to make sure there’s a strong workforce coming out of the Youngstown area.

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