Regular or diet pop can lead to circulatory and digestive issues that can be fatal, study says

It’s not just empty calories and extra weight that you should be concerned about
Updated: Nov. 13, 2019 at 10:36 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - For many, soft drinks are the go-to beverage for either the sugar rush, the caffeine jolt or even the carbonation that some people crave.

But a study recently published in the Journal of American Medicine links drinking pop, regular or diet, to an increased risk of earlier death due to circulatory or digestive issues.

Cleveland Clinic Dr. Mark Hyman did not participate in the study, but he said the results should be eye-popping for pop drinkers.

“The striking finding was in nearly a half a million people studied, there was an increased risk of death, from all causes, and from heart disease, with people that consumed sugar-sweetened beverages, sodas, and not surprisingly artificial sweeteners,” he said.

Studies have previously linked artificial sweeteners to obesity, diabetes, increased hunger and to a negative effect on metabolism.

“The diet drinks have artificial sweeteners in them that actually affect your brain chemistry, that make you hungry, that can slow your metabolism, that affect you gut micro biome in ways that are not good," Hyman explained.

Dietitians suggest that you go cold turkey to eliminate pop, a gradual reduction in your daily intake is the best way to try and eliminate soft drinks.

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