Avon Police run down the Home Depot bandit

The suspect has allegedly walked out of multiple Home Depot locations with a cart full of stolen tools.

Avon police run down the Home Depot Bandit

AVON, Ohio (WOIO) - An Avon police officer ran down a man accused of stealing tools from the Avon Commons Home Depot, and it turns out the man had allegedly robbed multiple Home Depot locations in Northeast Ohio.

A loss prevention officer at the Home Depot noticed the suspect, Luis Ortiz, from a photo that had been sent around to local Home Depot stores and he called Avon police.

“He was pushing out a cart load of tools he didn’t pay for, and as soon as the individual saw the officers, he dumped the cart and took off running,” said Avon Police Public Information Officer Jim Drozodowski.

An Avon officer was able to catch up to Ortiz relatively quickly and Ortiz was arrested. The alleged thief then proceeded to thank the officers for arresting him, because he said he was a heroin addict who needed help.

Ortiz was charged with theft and resisting arrest for running from police.

Drozodowski said that Ortiz had averaged $300 to $400 of theft every time he would come into a Home Depot and leave without paying for the merchandise.

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