Android users at risk of being hacked until completing new software update

Updated: Nov. 19, 2019 at 10:16 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It’s a major invasion of privacy.

No one wants hackers accessing their location, photos, or listening to private phone calls.

Researchers found hackers could hijack Android phones through the camera app back in July.

We’re just learning about it now though, because cyber security expert Paul Sems says the manufacturers were fixing it.

He works for a company called Trusted Sec. It tries to spot similar problems before hackers do.

“Once they’re publicly disclosed, then the world knows about it, and the bad guys can get in there and exploit those,” he said.

The latest issue is fixed, if you have the latest Android software on your phone.

Kim Zhou like many Android users, didn’t know she was still at risk.

“We feel very comfortable using high technology stuff to make our lives easier,” she said.

“People really need to update their devices,” Sems said.

He showed us exactly how to do that in a few easy steps:

  • Swipe down on your screen.
  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Search “Software Update”
  • Click on “Download and Install,” to see if you have an update waiting to be done.
  • Complete the newest update if there is one available.

19 News helped Zhou complete the process.

Even though the latest holes were found in the Android software, Sems says Apple had a similar widespread attack through it’s camera a few months ago.

So if you have an iPhone, now is a good time to check your updates too.

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