Man who tragically died in Lake Erie was barber from Collinwood

Man who tragically died in Lake Erie was barber from Collinwood

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The 45-year-old man who was found dead in Lake Erie Monday was identified as Earnest James. He owned Razors and Shears barbershop on Cleveland’s East Side.

John Maclin, who new James for years, recalled when he first found out about his friend’s death.

“They told me ‘I can tell you don’t know what’s going on about what happened to Earn,’" he said. “He said ‘they found him in the water.’”

James’ body was located about two miles from the dock on East 72nd Street. Sarata Kande, who owns a business next door to the barbershop, says she knew fishing was one of James’ favorite activities.

“He’s always talking about fishing, that was definitely a passion of his,” she said. “We all know that around here.”

In honor of the late barber, workers at Razor and Shears posted pictures on the front windows in his honor. Maclin says he deserves it.

“I can call him a true friend, that’s my man. We had our downfalls, we used to fight like brothers..." he said. ”He was there for me."

According to Lieutenant Chuck Stiver from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, authorities are still trying to find James’ boat in cooperation with the Coast Guard.

Residents and workers like Maclin and Kande, will be anxiously waiting for any information that sheds light on this tragedy. In the meantime, they are focused on helping others, especially James’ family.

“I know his family, his sister, and I just feel sorry for them, and I’m praying for y’all,” Maclin said.

“If they every needed somebody to talk to I’m there—next door neighbor—they can always come and I will always be there for them,” Kande said.

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