WATCH: Trooper saves woman on roadside from runaway truck

WAYNE COUNTY, Ill. (KTVI/CNN) – An Illinois couple survived a close call on an icy interstate last week.

A box truck came barreling toward Bud and Peggy Vaught while they were being assisted by troopers on the side of the road.

Illinois State Police said the driver of the truck was going too fast for road conditions and could have easily been responsible for a tragedy.

A trooper pulled Peggy Vaught into a ditch, the truck sliding just inches over her.

Bud Vaught was still inside the car when the truck struck their vehicle.

He has some internal injuries but said he will be okay.

The couple praised the work of the troopers and said they may have saved Peggy Vaught’s life by pulling her into a ditch.

“All I heard was someone say ‘run.’ And that’s the last thing. I didn’t know what was going on,” Peggy Vaught said.

Illinois drivers are required by law to slow down and move over if they are approaching a stopped emergency vehicle.

“I mean, they jerked her out of the way and I still don’t know how she wasn’t hurt. But it hit me just flat out,” Bud Vaught said.

The driver of the truck was cited for driving too fast for conditions and failure to reduce speed.

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