Multiple cars ransacked in downtown Cleveland parking lot

Brazen thieves bust out the windows and break into at least 15 cars in broad daylight.

Multiple cars broken into and ransacked in downtown parking lot

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Smashed-in windows was not the after work surprise at least 15 commuters were expecting to find when they returned to their vehicles following a day of work.

At some point, in broad daylight, thieves targeted the surface parking lot on East 13th Street between Lakeside and St. Clair avenues, and Yvette Cook was one of the victims.

“My front passenger door, the window was busted in completely and they had rummaged through my center console,” Cook said.

Cook said the thieves did not get anything of significant value from her car, but the whole ordeal left her feeling a bit uneasy.

“Definitely, I wasn’t expecting it, I am thinking I am going to get in my car and go home and relax after a long day at work.”

Instead Cook called police and filed a report and then had to begin the process of making a claim with her insurance company, after she was told by a representative of the parking lot operator that they were not responsible for break-ins or damage at the lot.

We made subsequent calls to the parking lot operators, but could not get any further than voicemail.

Cook, after she noticed the damage to her car, counted 14 other cars in the lot with similar damage and broken glass all over the ground in the lot.

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