Browns fans make a game of hitting Mason Rudolph piñata with Steelers helmet in Muni Lot

Browns fans make a game of hitting Mason Rudolph piñata with Steelers helmet in Muni Lot
Browns fans make a game of hitting Mason Rudolph piñata with Steelers helmet in Muni Lot (Source: @rontheroller on Twitter)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cleveland Browns fans tailgating in Muni Lot for the first time since the infamous Thursday Night Football brawl have made a game out of an incident the NFL has not taken lightly.

Fans decked out in Browns gear hoisted a piñata of Pittsburgh’s QB Mason Rudolph to have other Browns fans whack it with a Steelers helmet, making a joke out of the act that got Cleveland’s DE Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely:

Browns fans make a game of hitting Mason Rudolph piñata with Steelers helmet in Muni Lot

The sentencing for Steelers QB Mason Rudolph that both Pittsburgh and Cleveland fans were been waiting for has was handed down on Saturday.

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport tweeted out on Saturday that Rudolph has been fined $50,000 for his role in the Browns vs. Steelers brawl that panned out on national tv for Thursday Night Football.

Here is the updated fines and suspensions each player was involved.

Myles Garrett lost his appeal on Thursday, which means his indefinite suspension for the helmet attack on Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph has been upheld.

The NFL announced the final outcome just over 24 hours after Garrett attempted to appeal the punishment.

The Cleveland Browns defensive end met with league officials on Wednesday to tell his side of the altercation with Rudolph. In that meeting, Garrett said Rudolph used a racial slur during the on-field brawl.

Garrett issued a statement Thursday about the meeting with the NFL:

Browns GM John Dorsey offered the following statement Thursday night, after the suspension was upheld:

After a late hit in the Nov. 14 Thursday night matchup, Garrett ripped Rudolph’s helmet off while he was on the ground and swung it at the the quarterback when he got back to his feet, hitting him in the head.

Garrett tried to compare his case to a 2013 incident involving Antonio Smith, who swung his helmet at Richie Incognito. Smith was suspended two preseason games and one regular season game for his actions.

The No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft also claimed that Rudolph used a racial slur towards him before the helmet strike.

"I am sure that Myles presented himself professionally like he has done ever since the moment it happened afterwards,' Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens said during comments on Thursday. "He has been nothing but professional in his responses. I can’t really comment on the arbitrator’s decision. We will respect his decision on whatever he decides, and I know Myles presented himself professionally to the arbitrator and the hearing. I stand by Myles, and that is not going to waver.”

The NFL suspended Garrett indefinitely and upheld the punishment that will now last for the rest of the regular season and playoffs if the Browns advance.

The exact duration of Garrett’s suspension is not known at this time. He will be out at least six games, making it one of the longest suspensions for an on-field incident in NFL history.

By keeping the punishment “indefinite,” Garrett will have to apply for reinstatement into the NFL at some point next season.

Garrett will not be able to take part in any Cleveland Browns football activities or be at the organization’s facilities while the indefinite suspension is in effect.

Rudolph was not suspended for his role in the incident. He read a prepared statement on Wednesday, admitting he lost his composure.

“I should have done a better job at keeping my cool in that situation,” Rudolph said.

Some fans and former Cleveland Browns players are sticking with Garrett, arguing that Rudolph initiated the attack.

Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi was also punished for his role in the brawl. He tried to appeal, but the NFL upheld his one-game suspension.

Maurkice Pouncey, center for the Steelers, rushed to Rudolph’s defense and began striking Garrett while he was on the ground. He was initially suspended for three games, but the NFL reduced his punishment to two games.

The Cleveland Browns travel to Pittsburgh for a Dec. 1 rematch with the Steelers.

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