Browns’ Myles Garrett chooses words carefully about NFL suspension while serving homeless meals in Cleveland

Myles Garrett chooses words carefully about NFL suspension while serving homeless meals in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Myles Garrett was like a gentle giant serving meals next to other players at TownHall in Cleveland during the annual Feed the Need event.

He arrived to great fanfare, only speaking in vague terms about his current NFL problems.

“You have ups and downs in your life, you know? Right now, I’m giving back, spending time with my family and friends,” Garrett told 19 News.

Garrett’s presence meant a lot to the event.

TownHall was bursting at the seams with people needing a warm meal or wanting to see their favorite celebrity.

There were lots of them -- Quarterback Baker Mayfield among them.

“I’m glad that we can come and help out and continue the tradition, you know, for people that need it and less fortunate. So, to be able to give out time and help, that means a lot,” Mayfield said while scooping up food.

The event is so popular that even athletes who no longer take the field come back year after year, like Travis Hafner, who reflected on what he learned of Cleveland in his time with the Indians.

“It’s a very tight community, a very close community, and you know they care for each other and this is just one example of that,” said the slugger.

Bernie Kosar also returned.

“It’s really a beautiful thing to see. The community, the bond between this whole community. The young guys, the old guys and being able to give back. I mean we been so blessed to be here,” he reflected.

The meal is a lot of work for the very young staff, hustling meal after meal to the hungry crowd.

Owner Bobby George said he also feels blessed. He said the meal and athletes being here teaches a lesson to his staff: Be grateful.

In a crowd of stars, the shortest of all of them is the real superstar: Sister Coreta Ambro.

She is technically retired after 40 years of serving meals at St. Augustine. She was back on Tuesday saying that while she is retired, that is no reason to stop working.

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