Lakewood restaurant concept breathing new life into old Swingos location

“Summer House” coming in January.

Lakewood restaurant concept breathing new life into old Swingos location

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - If you search the web for Swingos Silver Quill, you will find images of a time long gone by.

For years, it was the go-to spot for banquets, lunches, and at times, jazz. It was even home in 1988 to a noted house group: The Four Lads.

But times changed, and since 2009, the once-popular restaurant has sat empty.

Until now.

Lakewood restaurant breathing new life into old Swingos location

Inside, workers are hammering, smoothing and doing a thousand other things to return the space to vibrancy. It is all new from top to bottom. Everything was taken down to the bare walls, floors and ceiling.

The George Group says the name says it all: Summer House.

“People ask me that all the time. ‘Well, why’d you name it Summer House?’ Well, because it’s on the lake and we want you to have that feeling that you’re in a Ssummer house,” said owner Tony George in explaining his concept for the space.

The views are spectacular of the lake and especially the downtown skyline.

But face it, weather along the lake can be iffy. Weather was a concern and had to be taken into account.

It was, starting at the front door and the approach to it. The concrete is heated to prevent people from slipping or falling. The wind blows briskly here because you’re so close to the lake.

The bar will seat 50, but all tables have views looking outside, 365 days a year.

“It’s all glassed in. You’re only going to have 10, 17 days of really good weather when you can sit outside, and that’s when we decided to close it all in,” said George.

Not everything is inside.

Summer House will provide food and drink service to the outside pool when it is a lot warmer than it is today at the Carlyle Condominiums, a hot spot on summer weekends.

George describes the food as featuring American, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Not fine dining, not casual. Somewhere in the middle.

He expects an opening in January.

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