'At least pray for us’: Cleveland family mourns after 19-year-old mother killed

'At least pray for us’: Cleveland family mourns after 19-year-old mother killed
Catera Fowler was a single mom who was shot and killed outside a bar in Cleveland. (Source: GoFundMe)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Family members of a 19-year-old girl are trying to make sense of how her life was cut so short after she was shot dead Sunday morning.

Cleveland Police said Catera Fowler was caught in the crossfire outside Legacy Entertainment Complex, 10300 Union Ave., early Sunday morning.

Family speaks out after 19-year-old mother killed in Cleveland; suspect in custody

Fowler’s older brother, Montrail Speights, said she went there to see a concert Saturday night.

“Right now, in this house it doesn't even feel like it's got the same energy in it,” said Speights.

Speights and other family members are devastated.

Now, Fowler’s 1-year-old daughter is left without her mother.

“It’s just unfortunate that something like this had to happen, you know what I’m saying. Somebody that’s close to me, because I’ve never really experienced anything like that before,” said Speights.

Cleveland Police said there was a fight inside Legacy Entertainment Complex, so security cleared everyone out.

They said 26-year-old Eric White Jr., was seen running from the club and was shot in the leg.

Police said when he shot back toward the building, Fowler was hit and killed.

Police arrested White, who Fowler’s brother said is not a stranger.

“He grew up in this neighborhood. Everybody was at that bar that night was there for a rap concert, so everybody there knew each other. Friends of friends and stuff like that,” said Speights.

He said all he can ask for now is justice for his little sister and help for his niece.

“Anybody can help, just do what you all can. We appreciate it. If not, at least pray for us,” said Speights.

Cleveland Police are still investigating.

They’re trying to track down who shot Eric White Jr.

Funeral Arrangements

Strawbridge Funeral Home, 3934 Lee Road

Tuesday, Dec. 10. The wake is at 12:30 p.m. with services at 1 p.m.

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