Dashcam: Macedonia officer lucky to be alive after getting hit by distracted driver (graphic)

Macedonia Police officer hit while directing traffic during Thanksgiving weekend (graphic)

MACEDONIA, Ohio (WOIO) - A Macedonia police officer was hit while he was directing traffic. It happened this past Saturday, and 19 News just got the dashcam video.

“Go ahead, back up. He’s going to pull out...Ah, my ankle!”

That’s what officer Brandon Heisler was saying just moments before and after he was hit by a speeding driver, who was apparently not paying attention.

Heisler was directing a vehicle involved in an earlier crash to back up to help clear the scene.

Heisler walked past a traffic cone, using his flashlight to direct traffic in front of him. That’s when a car behind him clipped the cone and hit him.

“I stepped out to help traffic, had my back turned,” he said.

Fortunately, other first responders were there and ran to assist him right away. Heisler was awake and able to talk with those helping him.

After tending to his injuries on scene fellow first responders put Heisler on a stretcher and took him to the hospital. He had a request, “If I get transported to Akron City Central. My wife works at Akron City. If I could go there I’d really appreciate it."

Officer Heisler was not hurt badly. He’s at home and is scheduled to have surgery on his right ankle sometime this week.

The driver of the vehicle that struck him was cited for failure to control the .

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