Ohio City residents voice concern over traffic headaches on Fulton Road surrounding construction project

Residents upset after city removes some traffic lights on Fulton Road

OHIO CITY, Ohio (WOIO) - For months, folks have been talking about the traffic problems on Fulton Road in Ohio City.

“I’ve yet to see an accident, but I’ve almost been in a few. People just flying by, driving too quickly," said one resident.

Since February, the city of Cleveland has been working on the Fulton Road project that will reconstruct the area: repaving, widening roads, putting in water mains and upgrading traffic signals.

But people say when the traffic lights were removed, that made the situation worse.

Javier Valdez told me he’s seen people on foot and in cars almost get hit.

“Before they fixed the road, the traffic was slower and now you have to be careful because it’s more fast,” he said. “I think they need to put the street lights back over there you know because streetlights help to slow down and put some signs."

Many are also concerned about the corner of Fulton and Walton near Walton Elementary. They fear for the students and their safety.

19 News reached out to the city of Cleveland but did not hear back at the time of the broadcast.

The Fulton Road Project is scheduled to be complete in January 2020. In the meantime, those concerned says if you’re driving down Fulton Road, slow down so no one gets hurt.

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