Man slips out of Eastlake jail and drives away in police cruiser, triggering massive manhunt

Inmate was familiar with how system worked

Eastlake Police cruiser stolen by prisoner

EASTLAKE, Ohio (WOIO) - It may be one of the only times being a “frequent flier,” as police call repeat criminals, has benefits.

Joey Moran was familiar with Eastlake’s jail.

As his jail cell door slowly closed he dashed into a nearby cell.

Within a couple of minutes he made a run for it.

Eastlake Police
Eastlake Police (Source: Michael Dakota)

“Sometime during his stay from yesterday to today he was able to see the code being punched in to get in and out of the doors. He punched that code in and unsecured the garage door.” said Chief Larry Reik.

Since he was being transferred he had personal belongings with him and was able to change into street clothes.

He also had a cell phone with him from his belongings. That was a big mistake as police were able to trace the phone as well as the cruiser that us drove away in during the escape.

When Moran took off from Eastlake he ditched the cruiser in the South Collinwood neighborhood.

He continued on foot, which led to a manhunt. Canine’s worked the area, a helicopter was overhead as well, and an army of Cleveland and Eastlake police officers.

It worked. They tracked him down, loaded him into an Eastlake cruiser and back to jail he went.

Moran was caught in the back of a truck at Eastside Automotive used car sales.

The owner said he had been in about a week ago looking at a car and came back today. He got in the back seat, saying later that he was waiting for his girlfriend.

“He’s a thief of opportunity and I believe it’s all fueled by drugs, and when you’re in that state of mind, I think whatever you can do for these short-term fixes is what you’re going to do, and he didn’t take anything else into account.” said Chief Reik.

Eastlake Police
Eastlake Police (Source: Michael Dakota)

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