Detective explains how Cleveland police found Franz, the Miniature Schnauzer taken during a carjacking

Updated: Dec. 6, 2019 at 4:52 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A Cleveland man and his dog, Franz, were reunited this week after he was stolen during a carjacking.

It was police who tracked down the crooks and brought Franz home.

Mike Reed has been on “Cloud 9” ever since he got his Miniature Schnauzer back.

“Oh my gosh,” Reed said as he held his dog in his arms. “I was here at work and my roommate called me and he was crying and I couldn’t understand him and I was like, ‘Oh my god,’ I said it really loud and everyone in the restaurant is like, ‘Aww.' The customers were clapping. It was so cool.”

Reed has Sgt. Michael Kane to thank for that.

Earlier this week we gave you a look at the heartwarming reunion between a Cleveland man and his dog, Franz. Franz was...

Posted by Kelly Kennedy on Friday, December 6, 2019

“Gratifying to see them reunited,” said Kane, 1st District Detective Bureau with Cleveland police. “I mean, he was ecstatic to get his dog back and it was a highlight for this year.”

Franz was stolen from Reed in the parking lot of Cleveland Deli and Beverage. Two men carjacked him at gunpoint and refused to let Franz go.

"Recently we had one similar, but the carjacker let the female get the car out with the dog, but it was a bigger dog so he was probably afraid of that one. But Franz was a little baby, so I’m sure they weren’t afraid of that dog,” said Kane.

Kane said East Cleveland police tracked down the car and arrested the first suspect, 23-year-old Donte Thomas. Kane says they used surveillance video from the cameras right outside of this deli to ID the suspects.

It turns out Thomas had an ankle monitoring bracelet so they were able to track him with GPS, which helped lead them to Franz.

"He was uncooperative at first so we had to go through the steps to prove to him that we could put him in the car at the West side, put him at the robbery so that he would cooperate just a little bit and help us find the dog,” explained Kane. “It was a needle in the haystack type thing, description of a house, first name of a guy that lived there and just so the street name."

Kane said he and another detective were going door-to-door searching for the pup when they thought they heard Franz.

“We found a house that kind of fit the description and heard a dog bark and we’re like, ‘Maybe we have the right house,’” Kane said. “So, we went up knocked on the door and it was kind of shocking at first. We’re like a female opens the door. There’s Franz. I was like that dogs stolen. He’s coming with us.”

Kane says Franz slept the whole ride to his owner's home

“It was probably like 20 minutes driving from the East side to the West side and it was probably a long time for the victim because he was just standing out in the cold waiting for his dog to come back.”

As soon as they pulled up to Reed's house, Franz woke up.

“Oh he was going crazy,” Kane said. “He jumped out of his collar somehow and his leash right to his owner’s arms."

"They kept up the hard work,” Reed said. “East Cleveland working together with Cleveland together. They made this happen. They really did and I'm so grateful for them."

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