Man, first to arrive following an horrific crash, talks about efforts to save victim’s life and the reckless driver

Man, first to arrive following an horrific crash, talks about efforts to save victim’s life
April Walker
April Walker (Source: woio)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - On Tuesday, we told you about a horrible crash that severely injured a mother of two while she was waiting at a bus stop.

We revisit that story because we caught up with the good samaritan who jumped into action to help save her life.

“It was something I wish I didn’t see, but I am glad I was here to see it.”

A conflicted Leonard Lumpkin was at the right place at the right time. His heroic actions may have saved April Walker’s life. A speeding car hit a guardrail behind where April, who turn 37 on December 16th, was standing. It knocked the guardrail off it three-foot metal pole and it into Walker, slamming her into a light pole. It was like being hit by a cannon ball.

"I’ve never seen nothing like that before. Someone just laying there, helpless. All she was saying was “did it hit me? What happened? Did I get hit? I just tried to keep her calm and then keep her woke cause you could see when her adrenaline started wearing off she started to doze off, nod out. I just stayed with her.”

Sierra Giles and another woman also helped Walker.

“That placed a hoodie over her because she was worried about her going into shock because it was cold I stayed with her. I sat down next to her. I started talking to her. She was trying to go to sleep and I was like no baby get up, wake up, talk to me.”

Leonard said he could almost see the crash coming because the reckless and he almost crashed minutes earlier on the street.

"First, it passed me on Lee Road on the wrong side of the street, almost had a head-on. I decided to follow the car cause I’m like this guy is going to kill somebody. When he came down here and this happened, I thought I was dreaming.

What happened to April, in a flash, turned into a “forever” nightmare. This is how her brother Andrew Moore describes how badly his younger sister was hurt.

“Just about bone in her body is broken. They replaced her pelvis all the way across. They operated on her heart. They put a stint in her heart, repaired her main artery. They had to fix her liver. They fixed her shoulder. They fixed her collar bone, both her ribs are broken. Her whole right side is paralyzed for now.”

The crash happened around 11 p.m. Friday at East 156th and Miles. Again, Leonard Lumpkin.

“It was a light colored Ford Fusion, with tan or gray with dark tinted windows and it has substantial front end damage.”

Some one knows who the car’s driver is and maybe even where the badly damaged vehicle is stored. It could be a nearby garage. If you do know, call the cops.

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