Rocky River waiting out a rise in construction prices before building new police station

The old police station was torn down in August but the bids the city has received to build the new complex have been higher than expected.

Rocky River waiting out a rise in construction prices before building new police station

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The Rocky River police station was not meeting the needs of the department, so the city started the process of building a new complex and tore down the old station in August.

But plans to build a new police station, while not necessarily on hold, have slowed as the bids the city has received have come in much higher than the anticipated cost.

Rocky River police chief Kelly Stillman told 19 News that it has been a combination of economic factors that have led to the higher bids for the project, including steel tariffs that have led to higher steel prices.

Also, at issue, according to Stillman, is a booming economy, which in turn has led to a saturation of ongoing construction projects and has enabled construction companies to raise prices on projects.

The city has worked its way through two rounds of bids for the project, and all of those bids came back at a higher threshold, according to Stillman, than the city is willing to pay to get the project started.

A third round of the bidding process is underway, and the city, while trying to remain fiscally responsible, is hopeful they will get an acceptable bid to start the project.

For now, the city is using temporary headquarters, off Center Ridge Road, but the chief says the department is still working at full capacity to keep the residents of Rocky River safe.

The old facility was outdated and only 7,000 square feet and the new facility, when built, will be close to 25,000 square feet and include improved access for the public and an improved jail and evidence processing center.

The city currently has an agreement with Westlake and Bay Village to house prisoners.

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