Boomer Sooner: It’s Mayfield vs. Murray

Back to back Heisman winners, #1 picks square off “for bragging rights”

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Baker Mayfield was a tough act to follow at Oklahoma, but Kyler Murray pulled it off.

From one Heisman winner to another. One #1 pick to another. Two dynamic quarterbacks who aren’t the tallest in the bunch, but have big arms and a lot of game.

“Kyler’s a phenomenal athlete,” Mayfield said of his former backup at Oklahoma. “He’s one of a kind, and being around him for a few years, seeing him tear it up with the scout team, he is who he is. He’s a special player. He’s only one ever to be drafted in the first round in baseball (Oakland A’s) and football. There’s very few athletes like him.”

Still, it’s been a tough rookie season for the Cardinals’ quarterback. Murray’s put up some numbers, throwing for 16 TD’s and more than 3,000 yards. He’s also rushed for almost 500 yards. But the Cardinals have won just 3 of Murray’s 13 games.

Mayfield’s season hasn’t been much better. 3100 yards passing, with 15 TD’s, but 16 interceptions. The Browns are 6-7 and clinging to slim hopes of a playoff run.

But motivation won’t be a problem for Baker. Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury is the coach who didn’t give Mayfield a scholarship at Texas Tech, causing Baker to transfer to Oklahoma.

Both men say the hard feelings are long gone.

“Guys, that was back in 2013. That was six years ago,” Mayfield said. “I’m not gonna re-dig issues back then. I think it worked out for them. They (Texas Tech) got Pat Mahomes, and I think he’s doing fine.”

No, this one’s about two quarterbacks with a strong history and a lot in common.

“This one’s about me an Kyler. And bragging rights," Mayfield said.

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