Cedar Point reveals new ride, other exciting changes for park’s 150th anniversary

Cedar Point reveals new ride, other exciting changes for park’s 150th anniversary
New additions for Cedar Point's 150th season (Source: YouTube/Cedar Point)

SANDUSKY, Ohio (WOIO) - Cedar Point announced plans and additions for the park’s upcoming 150th anniversary season.

Cedar Point reveals new ride, other exciting changes for park’s 150th anniversary

Since the 2019 season ended, Cedar Point has teased big improvements and changes to come for the sesquicentennial.

Several new programs have already been implemented, including the “Pass Perks” rewards and the Gold Pass.

More food and beverage offerings, guest merchandise, and a family-friendly ride were revealed on Wednesday as part of the changes for the sesquicentennial celebration.

Food and beverage options

The Bayou Refreshment stand will be remodeled as French Quarter Convections.

Other new options will include the Mac Shack for macaroni-and-cheese, a spot for fried chicken and park favorites at The Corral, and the C.P. Juice Co., which will serve fresh smoothies and slushie-type drinks.


New artwork, clothing, and limited edition goods commemorating the 150th anniversary will be available for the 2020 season.

Cedar Point will also distributing free buttons so guests can write the year they first attended the amusement park and a button trading program with new designs being released every Tuesday.

“Put your phones down. Talk about your button. Talk about the year you visited,” Cedar Point spokesperson Tony Clark said about the initiatives to increase communication between guests.

Guest experiences

The Town Hall Museum will be remodeled and will house constantly-changing memorabilia from Cedar Point’s past.

A new Legacy Walk will allow guests to purchase and customize a brick that will become part of the park’s sidewalks.

The Celebrate 150 Spectacular, which runs nightly from June 12 to Aug. 16, will feature an extravagant parade and musical performances down the Midway.

Other new live entertainment acts will be incorporated into the anniversary celebration. Local musicians and bands can also be showcased in the park’s new Bands in Residence program.


Park officials remained quiet on plans for a new ride for the 150th anniversary until Wednesday’s special announcement. New for the 2020 season: Snake River Expedition.

“It’s a river adventure for the whole family,” Clark described.

The river ride is a throwback to past Cedar Point boat attractions and allows everybody, including babies and grandparents, tall or short individuals, the opportunity to ride.

The biggest announcement of the day was about giving back to the guests throughout the park’s history. Beginning in February, guests will have the opportunity to win a “Ticket of a Lifetime,” literally. The special passes will be given out to 150 guests, who can then award three of their friends with lifetime admission.

Park general manager Jason McClure added that changes to park signage will be made ahead of opening day as well as improvements to get in and out of Cedar Point.

Guests are asked to share their stories and photos from the park, which will be compiled into a montage looking back on memories at Cedar Point.

Coincidental or not, the announcement comes with 150 days left until opening day, which is scheduled for May 9, 2020.

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