Scammers are targeting Dominion Energy customers who are owed a credit on their gas bill

Dominion is advising customers to not give out any personal information to anyone who calls and claims they work for the utility company.

Scammers are targeting Dominion Energy customers who are due a credit on their gas bills

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Dominion Energy Ohio is warning consumers that scammers are targeting customers who are anticipating a credit from the energy company. It’s a phone scam that falsely claims Dominion needs some personal information to process the credit.

Dominion first became aware of the scam when the family of a Dominion employee received one of the scam calls.

“We put the alert out as quickly as we could because we don’t want any of our customers to compromise their financial information,” said Neil Durbin, of Dominion Energy Ohio.

The scam follows an announcement from the Ohio Public Utilities Commission that an agreement had been made with Dominion to establish a credit owed to consumers who overpaid after tax rates were reduced.

Dominion Energy Ohio is warning people of a phone scam that is preying on people as they expect a tax credit from the...

Posted by Brian Duffy Cleveland 19 on Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Durbin said consumers should know that they will not be receiving a check from Dominion but will instead see a credit on their bills starting in April of 2020.

Scammers, however, are preying on consumers who may not be aware of that process by calling and asking for personal information including bank account numbers, social security numbers and credit card numbers to ensure that they receive the proper credit.

“They do not have to do anything to receive that credit," he said.

Scammers have successfully spoofed the caller ID system to make it seem as if the calls are legitimately coming from Dominion, so don’t be fooled by a call that seems to be coming from Dominion.

Durbin stresses that Dominion will not be calling you for any credit- or bill-related issue.

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