Cleveland mother speaks about son’s murder and a sacred gift from a stranger

11-year-old Tyshaun Taylor was shot and killed while attending a teenage birthday party in Clevealand’s Hough neighorhood

Cleveland mother speaks about son’s murder and a sacred gift from a stranger
A local mom is speaking to 19 News about upcoming court proceedings after the murder of her 11-year-old son. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Sherri Small, the mother of Tyshaun Taylor, is prepared to fight for justice.

Her 11-year-old son was murdered while attending a teenage birthday party in Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood on Nov. 23.

A 15-year-old boy has been charged with reckless homicide and is expected in court Dec. 16.

“I hate him for doing what he did to my child,” Small said. “I know it wasn’t an accident. It’s never an accident when somebody picks up a gun and point it at somebody’s heart.”

Tyshaun Taylor's Mother Speaks

Small said the suspect was known in her neighborhood and was starting to get into more trouble as he got older. She said the suspect bullied her son.

“This is what he did to my child. I have this,” Small said, as she raised a bag containing the cremated remains of her son. “This is my baby now. I thank God for this, that I’m allowed to have his ashes. But, I wish I could have my baby back in the flesh. That part it really hurts me a whole lot.”

Small said Taylor loved to cook with her, sing, play sports and watch TV. She said he was a typical kid who enjoyed school and had a lot of friends.

Small plans to attend every court proceeding. She said the suspect thinks what happened is “a game.”

“I hope he gets life. We deserve justice. This is what I got," Small said. "At least he (the suspect) can eat breakfast, lunch (and) dinner. He can shower. He can watch TV. He (can) have phone calls. He can get letters. But, I hope he get what he deserves and he get tried as an adult.”

19 News recently reported on Ron Moore Jr., an artist from Austintown who drew a portrait of Tyshaun for his family.

“In probably the darkest day of her life, if somebody can shine a little bit of love, that can help cover a lot of the darkness,” Moore said.

Small received the portrait Wednesday morning. She’s grateful for Moore’s act of kindness. She said the illustration captured Taylor’s goofy side.

4:30 AM Tyshaun Taylor's Mom

“It made me giggle when I seen this because he always affectionate and showing me attention,” Small said. “I really just love this picture. I’m at a loss for words. But I really, really, really really love it. And, I just want to thank him (Moore)".

A Christmas tree stands in the family’s dining room but there’s a void of joy because there’s a void in the household. Tribute posters around the house hold messages from Taylor’s teachers, classmates and friends.

One teacher wrote, “I will always remember you".

A friend wrote, “Love you forever, and after that".

Small is grateful for the support and prayers her family has received.

“I just miss my baby,” she said.

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