Heroic rescue: Deputy, cop save pregnant woman’s life after she crashed into Erie County pond

Vermilion Officer and Erie Sheriff’s Deputy jump into frigid water.

Heroic rescue: Deputy, cop save pregnant woman’s life after she crashed into Erie County pond

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - In the cold weather, the pond is iced over again, but this icy water was the scene of a dramatic rescue all caught on body camera.

It was 7:15 p.m. Wednesday evening.

Mariah Bodi says she lost her brakes coming around a turn, over corrected and went off the opposite side of the road, down an embankment and into the water.

On Deputy Dan Orscak’s body cam, he and Vermilion police officer David Wood can be seen struggling to get Bodi out of her partially-submerged car.

Eventually, they were able to get a rope around her after breaking out a window in the locked car.

She was in hypothermia and could hardly speak.

“This is gonna get a little tight on you. Alright? And I don’t want you to freak out. Alright. Alright. You ready? Yeah. One, two, three. There you go,” is heard as they lifted her first, onto the roof, and then to shore.

Deputy Orszak was the first in the water.

“We saw the car was sinking by the second, so we decided to take what we had to do and we jumped in and jumped on the roof, broke a window and then were able to pull her free from the car,” Orszak told 19 News.

“It makes you proud of the deputy and of the officer, and it’s just a good feeling to have something like this come out with a positive outcome that it did,” said Sheriff Paul Sigsworth.

He gave credit to the 911 caller Michael Watkins for quickly calling 911. He is rightly pleased with what happened, and so is Deputy Orszak.

“We’re here to save lives. A lot of people sometimes don’t understand that,” he said.

No one answered at Mariah’s home, so we don’t have her reaction.

The sheriff tells us Mariah is going to be OK, thanks to a heroic effort.

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