Streetsboro police looking for man they say conned local business out of thousands of dollars

Jason James, according to Streetsboro police, was involved in a $9 million Ponzi scheme in North Carolina, and is now wanted for scamming a local business out of $15,000

Streetsboro police looking for man they say conned local business out of thousands of dollars

STREETSBORO, Ohio (WOIO) - On multiple occasions, Jason James strolled into the Family Farm & Home store, eventually using a bogus cashiers check to pay for $15,000 in goods, Streetsboro police say.

The order included snowblowers, generators, a trailer, welding equipment and much more--all of which is now considered stolen property.

“Each time he comes in he’s friendly and talking and never gives you an indication that, while he’s smiling and shaking your hand, he’s stealing $15,000 from you with the other hand,” said Streetsboro police Lt. Tricia Wain.

One employee of the store developed, according to police, a “bad feeling” and asked a Streetsboro police officer, who was in the parking lot, to hang around while James loaded up the order on his trailer and truck.

“Just had maybe that sixth sense that something was a little off, there wasn’t anything concrete or definite that the employee could say one way or the other what it was'” Wain said.

The officer strolled over to James who, as can be seen on police body camera, was completely unfazed by the officer’s presence.

James even made small talk and remarked about the great deal he had received at the store.

“It’s business as usual for him, this is his job. This is what he does. That’s why he keeps getting away with it,” Wain said.

Before he left James shared a laugh with a member of the store’s staff and then drove away, and only later was it discovered that the cashiers check he had used was bogus.

James is no stranger to trouble with law enforcement, he spent time in prison in North Carolina for his involvement in a $9 million Ponzi scheme.

Police say before he targeted the Family Farm & Home he used a bad check to steal items from Van’s Tires in Streetsboro.

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