Accused arsonist Stanley Ford appears for another competency hearing in Summit County

Key evidence revealed at proceeding.

Accused arsonist Stanley Ford appears for another competency hearing in Summit County

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Stanley Ford sat quietly, saying nothing in open court. He let his attorney’s do the talking unlike his last hearing where he objected loudly to what was going on.

The witness was psychologist Doctor Kevin Edwards who wrote a report after observing Ford for a 20-day confinement ordered by Judge Christine Croce, who questioned him.

“Did you form an opinion?,” she asked.

He said he did and that it was his finding “that Mr. Ford does have the present capacity to understand the factual nature and objects of the legal proceeding against him.”

He also wrote that Ford could aid in his defense.

Defense attorney Scott Riley probed every conclusion, asking why more hadn’t been done, challenging the finding and making the point that many of Ford’s actions implied he was delusional, which would contradict the finding that he was rational and could realistically help his defense team..

“Delusions are fixed false beliefs held up against evidence to the contrary,” Dr. Edwards testified.

The defense says that is exactly what Ford showed in many answers that either varied from interview to interview or simply were not true.

On the day Ford was questioned by police in 2017, 19 News noticed a camera on the home across the street from Ford’s home and speculated that it might hold evidence.

That fact came out in court on Thursday with a remark that Ford was prepared to testify at trial that images captured on the camera were not him.

Another camera on the other side of the same home is aimed down toward the fire scene.

The opposite arguments presented in court aside. The ultimate decision will come from Judge Croce who will decide and issue a ruling lat a later date.

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