Cleveland couple saddened after homemade decoration is stolen from son’s grave

A bold thief stole the decoration from a grave site at the Brooklyn Heights Cemetery.

Cleveland couple saddened after homemade decoration is stolen from son’s grave

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Rosie Tish is having a hard time believing that someone would be heartless enough to steal a decoration she and her husband made and placed at the grave site of her late son, Jack.

Jack Tish was diagnosed with cancer the day after Christmas in 2008, and just two weeks later, he died at 34.

Jack, Rosie says, was a big fan of Snoopy largely due to his love of Beagles, so Rosie and her husband crafted a two foot tall woodcut Snoopy and placed it near his grave.

But on a recent visit to the Brooklyn Heights Cemetery they noticed that the decoration had been stolen.

“I wish I knew, I am angry, I am absolutely heartbroken because this was made for our son by my husband and me because we loved him and miss him,” she said.

Jack, a graduate of Holy Name High School, had a big personality.

“He had a great laugh, literally he would laugh and everyone in the room would start smiling,” Rosie said.

The staff at the cemetery graciously went out and bought a metal replacement to put on Jack’s grave site, and Rosie could not be more grateful. Yet, she is still discouraged because the Snoopy that she made with her husband has great sentimental value.

“I honestly don’t think the person who took this has a conscience or any morals,” Rosie said, “How do you steal from a cemetery, I don’t get it.”

Even though Rosie says her family has no expectations that the decoration will be returned, they will continue to decorate Jack’s grave site.

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