Cincinnati chili named best hangover cure in the nation

Cincinnati chili named best hangover cure in the nation
After you've picked your poison, 10Best recommends Cincinnati chili as your best bet for a hangover cure.

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A national publication has confirmed what all Queen City folk already know—when it comes to hangover cures, Cincinnati chili is your best bet.

The list includes such distinguished regional delicacies as New York’s ‘Garbage Plate,’ Buffalo wings, Louisville’s hot brown, Canadian poutine and pepperoni rolls (purportedly the ‘unofficial state food of West Virginia’).

But on that list of culinary curatives, food meant to sop up and break down everything you guzzled the previous night, Cincinnati chili comes in at no. 1.

USA Today blog 10Best writes:

"This heaping helping of spaghetti topped with a brown chili sauce and shredded cheddar is not the most photogenic meal. In fact, Deadpan once called it ‘the worst regional foodstuff in America.’ But to Cincinnati locals who have had too much to drink, this dish is a welcoming sight.

“Inspired by Greek immigrants who brought with them their tradition of spicy stewed meats, this local dish combines carbs, protein and grease to create the perfect antidote to hangovers.”

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