Objections continue over possible partial demolition of Medina County Courthouse

Citizens confront County Commissioners at meeting.

Objections continue over possible partial demolition of Medina County Courthouse

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Should it stay or should it go? That is a hot button issue in Medina over a plan to tear down the old courthouse.

People are demanding answers from commissioners.

“We have the right to vote. We have the right to vote, even though you won’t permit us to. We have the right to vote,” said one woman in the audience, speaking over commissioners.

Despite assurances that nothing is being done in secret, speaker after speaker challenged the body’s intent on replacing the pillared portion of the current county courthouse built in 1969.

The oldest portion built in the 1800s would remain.

A proposal to move away from Medina Square is no longer on the table.

Commissioners say there is nothing to vote on until money is spent for architectural renderings.

Even that costs money.

“Building new facilities is great, but how can you justify not going to the people for a vote and spending an amount almost as large as the entire county budget on one building?,” said Nicholas Baker.

“You know what, a lot of nonsense. That sums it up in one word. ‘Nonsense,’” added another speaker.

It became clear through the back and forth that not everyone is opposed to the plan, but the feeling that voters have been cut out permeated the gathering.

“There is a problem. We need more space. We need a solution. We just want to be involved,” urged Carol Gurney from the podium, addressing the issue.

“You have a fiduciary responsibility. You have a responsibility to act in the taxpayers best interest as you understand it.”

The commissioners claim is that there is enough money to pay for whatever plan is approved.

Agreeing on what the plan is is another story.

County Administrator Scott Miller tells 19 News that portions of the current courthouse are both overcrowded and need extensive renovation.

He offered a tour of the problem areas after the first of the year.

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