Builder named in Ohio Attorney General’s lawsuit claims he’s finishing jobs

Customers complain about how long it took.

Builder named in Ohio Attorney General’s lawsuit claims he’s finishing jobs

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - In the past year, 19 News has tried to get help for homeowners or others who have problems with contractors.

One case jumped out and that is the case of Tom Cutura.

19 News went to an address where court papers show Cutura was served a suit by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.

Cutura has been hard to get in touch with in the past.

In a face-to-face interview in December, Yost described the case saying, “This guy changes his company names like he changes his underwear, and for the same reason., his business practices and reputation stink.”

“That is fantastic. Are you serious? I didn’t think this day was ever going to come. It’s been such a long process,” said Amy Herkenhoff, who complained over work at the Landings in Avon Lake.

Cutura called back on the phone after our visit and was critical of her getting the ball rolling.

“And then, all 20 residents jumped on the bandwagon. Well, she was the president of the association. Yeah, that’s fine but we finished the job. It’s not like I took their money and ran.”

Herkenhoff countered, “Supposed to be eight weeks and it took six months to get it finished.”

The lawsuit specifically cites Cutura’s failure to deliver services, shoddy workmanship, failure to get permits, abandoning the work site, and evading legal obligation.

“Of the 14 complaints that are out there, eight of them have already been completed and handled,” was his reaction to the suit.

Court records in Lorain County show that Cutura was served on the 26th, the day after Christmas.

No court date has been set yet for further proceedings.

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