Ohio sheriff hit by round of New Year’s celebratory gunfire (video)

Ohio sheriff hit by round of New Year’s celebratory gunfire (video)
Allen County sheriff hit by gunfire (Source: Allen County Sheriff's Office Facebook)

ALLEN COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - The sheriff in Allen County was hit by a ricocheting stray bullet fired just after midnight on New Year’s Day.

Sheriff Matt Treglia was sitting in his cruiser when the bullet bounced off a deputy’s car, through his window, and striking his chest.

Fortunately, the round bounced off the sheriff’s bulletproof vest.

A deputy was recording video of the “extraordinary” amount of audible celebratory gunfire while sitting in the Lima Police Department when Sheriff Treglia was hit.

A few minutes after midnight on New Year’s Day, Sheriff Treglia and Major Mohler were sitting in an Allen County Sheriff’s Office cruiser right beside a Lima Police Department cruiser in the 100 block of South Main Street in Downtown Lima directly across from the Civic Center. For PSA purposes, Major Mohler began video recording the extraordinary number of “celebratory” gunshots being fired within the city limits. While parked, a stray bullet struck the LPD patrol unit ricocheting into the Allen County Sheriff’s Office cruiser. The stray bullet passed through the open driver’s window, inches in front of Major Mohler’s face, then struck Sheriff Treglia’s chest. It is assumed that this was an unintentional consequence of bullets being fired into the air. Luckily nobody was injured or killed as was seen in other cities this year. What goes up, must come back down. Shooting any type of gun into the air is extremely dangerous and illegal. Please, handle any and all firearms safely and responsibly. We are sharing this video to help spread the message that anyone can be injured by this type of criminal activity. At the :26 second mark you can hear the bullet strike the cruiser. Additional pictures are in the comments.

Posted by Allen County (OH) Sheriff's Office on Thursday, January 2, 2020

The bullet left a noticeable dent in the cruiser.

The sheriff’s office shared the video to remind citizens that shooting any type of gun straight into the air is both extremely dangerous and illegal.

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