Search still on for missing dog after Wellington house fire

Wellington family looking for dog who ran away during house fire

WELLINGTON, Ohio (WOIO) - A Wellington family still hopes to find their missing dog, Boss, after a fire burned down their home on Wenner Street.

“He’s just everyone’s best friend,” Jordan Moon, one of the former residents of the home, said. “He just completes our family.”

Just days before Christmas, the fire burned the house, while Jordan and other family members scrambled to get her seven pets — four cats and three dogs — off the property.

According to Jordan, she realized her three dogs were inside heavy cages. In the heat of the moment, she unlocked the cages, opened the front door, and ordered them to run away. Two dogs were accounted for, but 9-year-old Boss is still on the loose.

“It’s ‘Mission: Bring Boss Back Home,’" she said.

As part of the mission, Jordan reached out to members of the community through social media, and asked them to look for Boss around their homes. Residents have since searched far and wide for the missing pet.

“We have people that are riding their four-wheelers down the railroad tracks to try and find him, walking their dogs to see if [Boss] will come up to their dogs,” she said. We even got a call from New York because they thought they saw him out there. Not sure if he would actually be there, but it’s the thought that counted."

Boss has yet to be found, but other community members are still helping out the family in other ways. Jason Keith owns Colonial Barbershop, and has been collecting clothing and other donations for the displaced family. As an owner of two German Shepherds, he wishes for Boss’ safe return.

“I treat them [my dogs] as kids,” he said. “If mine would be gone, I’d be heartbroken.”

Jordan and the rest of the family will focus on relocating after the fire, but she’s still hopes to find Boss and bring the family together once again.

“Even though we’re not in our original house, we would all be back together,” she said.

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