Security questioned at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport after another breach

Deputy Commissioner Eric Turner had access to restricted area.

Security questioned at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport after another breach

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - More issues at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport are being reported regarding what is being called a security breach.

It is the fourth incident in recent months and raises questions about procedures at the facility.

The city has said little, but It appears that this issue was reported promptly, unlike the others, which led to TSA criticism of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

While the incident isn’t seen as serious, it adds to a growing litany of issues that has the airport under the TSA’s microscope.

One past incident involved a car crashing through a fence at the airport, which wasn’t reported until 47 minutes after this video was recorded. Then, it was reported by a guard at the I-X Center completely across the field. He called 911.

“He is apparently hammered drunk and on our side of the guardrail stuck in the snow. Doesn’t know where he is at,” was how he described what he saw.

It was one of many frustrations that led to the resignation of Security Manager Howard Phillips. He had complained bitterly about a lack of support and not enough staff to fully comply with TSA security rules.

Video of a different incident shows an airline employee taking a backpack that didn’t belong to him. Police bodycam shows officers tracking him down and getting a hard-to-believe explanation.

Another issue is a hacking of the airport’s video display terminals in April, as well as the email system. For days, the city said little, not admitting its security had been hacked by ransomware. When it did try to explain, it was to a group of skeptical reporters who had reported the problem as a possible hack for a week while the city denied it.

The problem took $2 million from a city bond issue to correct.

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