School crossing lights turned back on in Barberton following 19 News coverage

Problem continues to be studied.

School crossing lights turned back on in Barberton following 19 News coverage

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - School zone lights are back on in Barberton following a 19 News story.

“Is it going to take a kid getting killed in Barberton for somebody to come and fix our lights that have not worked since Nov. 3? Somebody needs to do something. I’m tired of it,” is how a Facebook post from Allyson Hodgkinson began in December.

She was so frustrated by the school zone warning lights not working that she took her concerns to social media.

Clearly, drivers were either ignoring or didn’t see temporary speed signs the city put up.

19 News saw her video and got her story.

“It finally got to the point where I was just going to show people what’s going on and get people involved,” she commented at the time.

If you thought this was a one woman crusade, think again.

Several drivers either stopped or yelled support from their vehicles.

The problem was easy to document using a portable radar gun. The top speed 19 News clocked was 45 miles an hour in the 20 mph school zone.

The city promised to work on the problem over Christmas break.

On Tuesday morning, Hodgkinson went back and posted her findings.

“I’m currently on Second Street and Yes, we have crosswalk lights again. Highly excited,” she commented as she drove through the school zone.

In December, then-Public Service Director Michael Vinay told 19 News about plans to troubleshoot the problem. That clearly happened, but a permanent solution may take a bit longer.

Unlike school zone signs in many other areas, Barberton’s are programmed and run by a private company. They are not hardwired. Cell technology is used.

That was one glitch. There are others.

The city says the company is going to install new boards in the units. Police are paying more attention to the crossings, and hardwiring the system is under study.

The signs are still unpredictable, but for now, they’re working.

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