Couple scrambling for reception venue after Rosemont Country Club closes in Fairlawn

The couple is hopeful of getting their deposit returned and of finding a new location to host their reception.

Couple scrambling for reception venue after Rosemont Country Club closes

FAIRLAWN, Ohio (WOIO) - Rosemont Country Club in Fairlawn has closed its doors for good, and that closure has created a major headache for Brenna McGovern and Emanuel Parks, who put down a $1,000 deposit at the club for their October reception.

McGovern says she has spoken with someone in the business office at Rosemont and was told that she would get her deposit refunded, but until she has the money, she is worried she will not be able to put a deposit down on a new venue.

“After the holidays we don’t really have the money to put another down payment down,” McGovern said.

The disappointment is magnified by the fact that Rosemont was their dream reception location, and that is why they booked so far in advance.

“Hoping to find a place just as nice or even better than Rosemont,” Parks said, “Rosemont was really nice, we really liked it, it seemed like the perfect place at the time.”

Right now, the couple is more frustrated that they have to go through the process of locating another venue than they are mad at the inconvenience, but they admit that could change if they do not get the deposit returned.

McGovern said her initial reaction was panic, but that quickly turned into getting to work on finding a new venue.

“We’re realizing a lot of people still have the date open, it’s more just trying to find something in the same price range,” she said.

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