Is the Rooney Rule working during the NFL head coach hiring process?

NFL has made little progress in almost two decades

Is the Rooney Rule working during the NFL head coach hiring process?
The Arizona Cardinals interviewed Jim Caldwell for the team's head coaching position on Thursday, Jan. 3.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Marvin Lewis was right, when the former Bengals head coach, now looking for work, said that you can’t tell an NFL owner who to hire. And when it came to Jerry Jones, and the Cowboys owner’s newest hire, well, who wouldn’t rather have a guy who’d won 10 playoff games, including a Super Bowl, in 13 seasons (Mike McCarthy), over a guy who’d won zero playoff games in 16 years (Lewis)?

Sometimes the process makes sense.

And sometimes it doesn’t.

Jim Schwartz was in town on Wednesday, interviewing for the Browns job. Jim Schwartz was 29-51 as head coach of the Lions.

The man who replaced him in Detroit, Jim Caldwell, was 36-28. In fact, Caldwell is the only Lions head coach in the last five decades to leave town with a winning record. And as far as we know, he wasn’t interviewed.

Eric Bieniemy was interviewed. The Chiefs offensive coordinator has run an offense that’s downright historic, and while he doesn’t call the plays ... head coach Andy Reid does .... Bieniemy is the one who guides Patrick Mahomes. and all Patrick Mahomes is, is last year’s league MVP.

Is Bieniemy really a serious candidate for the Browns job? I’d be stunned if he landed it. and maybe he’s not the right guy for this job right now.

I personally don’t want another first-time head coach.

But the point is, there are only three black head coaches in the NFL.

Mike Tomlin (Steelers), Anthony Lynn (Chargers), and Brian Flores (Dolphins).

The same number that were in the league 17 years ago, when the Rooney Rule went into effect.

Now that’s progress.

Look, Jim Caldwell’s about to turn 65. He had health issues that forced him to leave the Dolphins this past season. But, he says he’s ready to return.

He’s won two rings as an assistant coach, and has been to a third Super Bowl as a head coach.

He might be able to help somebody out.

In the meantime, Jim Schwartz was in the Browns’ building on Wednesday.

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