Multiple moms carjacked by teen boys on Cleveland’s West Side

Multiple moms carjacked by teen boys on Cleveland’s West Side

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Carjackers are terrorizing some West Side neighborhoods. Some local moms say they no longer feel safe just walking to their cars.

“Some kids just came running up behind the car and put a gun in my face and told me to get out of the car,” one mother, who did not want to be identified, told 19 News.

Many people on the West Side of Cleveland are on high alert following a trend of car jackings this week. We’ve noticed...

Posted by Kelly Kennedy on Friday, January 10, 2020

That mom says she had just gotten home from picking up her child from school, and she parked her car right in front of her home on Wakefield Avenue. As she got out, four teens in ski masks approached her with what looked like a gun. Her child was in the backseat.

“It was scary, but mostly just surreal,” the young mother told us. “I stayed very calm. They said they didn’t wanna hurt me and I believed them in that moment, so it was obviously scary to have a weapon put in my face. I feel very lucky.”

The 37-year-old mom says she couldn’t see the gun because it was in a plastic bag. She says she told the carjackers she needed to get her child out, and they let her. She describes them as four teen boys around 15 years old. She thinks they were all wearing black ski masks, except for one boy who had a green mask.

“They tried to start the car,” the mom explained. “I ran back into the house and they couldn’t actually start the car because they couldn’t drive a stick shift."

So, they ran off.

“I’m glad I drive a really crappy car and I’m glad I know how to drive a stick shift and my car doesn’t look very valuable, so I feel like it’s kind of a bizarre detail to the whole thing,” the mom said.

A similar crime took place a short drive away on West 50th Street on Thursday afternoon.

“As soon as they seen us pull in the driveway they started to run, so I instantly told her that we was about to get robbed and she said, ‘What?’ and as soon as she lifted her head up they had already had the doors open with the guns pointed in our faces,” the victim explained.

This young woman says she had just pulled up in front of her friend’s house and her friend’s baby was in the backseat next to her. She says there were two crooks, also about 15 years old, in ski masks and they pointed a gun at them in a plastic bag. They also let the women take the baby out of the car.

“They were nice, and they were teenagers,” the young woman said. “They were just like mam this and mam that. ‘You can take everything. We just want your car and your keys,’ which is weird.”

Those boys did steal that woman’s 2019 brown Kia Sorrento. They say police have not found it.

“I think they were set up to do it because they really didn’t seem like they wanted to do it. They were scared,” the young woman said.

“I’m not sure if there’s something going on with a bunch of kids maybe doing dares or for whatever reason, it’s happening a lot right now,” said the mother. “I wish the best for those boys honestly. I hope they can find the help they need.”

A pregnant woman was also carjacked by teen boys in green ski masks outside of a hair salon on the West Side on Tuesday. They also had the gun in a plastic bag.

19 News asked Cleveland police if these crimes are connected, So far, we have not heard back.

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