Only On 19 - Family disputes reasons for Amber Alert that woke up Cleveland Heights

Family claims internal family conflict may have sparked alert

Amber Alert: Family claims it was an internal family dispute

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Tanishia Workman told 19 News her brother and sister-in-law are not who people some seem think they are.

Workman is referring to are Ebony and Cordero Boxely.

The parents of five children that Cleveland Heights Police issued an Amber Alert for on Friday just after midnight.

The alert was canceled a couple of hours later, after the kids were recovered and given to authorities.

Ebony Boxley was taken into custody, with a bond of $750,000, according to Tanishia Workman.

Cordero Boxely has not been seen and authorities won’t give further details on his whereabouts.

Amber Alert: Family claims it was an internal family dispute

Workman said the Boxley family were at her residence on Thursday night.

They received the automated Amber Alert text on Friday morning, and were shocked, “They were in my house asleep. We just got done eating dinner and then an Amber Alert. We ran downstairs, that’s this van here. Why do you have an Amber Alert issues? Is there something I don’t know. And we were just all confused.” said Workman.

Another family member, Contessa Cowan, said she learned of the alert like everyone else. But it wasn’t until she saw Ebony Boxley on YouTube, that she became concerned.

“When I seen the Amber Alert go off, I didn’t know it was from my family ...until I was on social media and seen my cousin’s face,” Cowan said.

Ebony Boxley recorded and posted seven different YouTube videos during the Amber Alert, with claims and questions on why the alert was an issue.

In the video, Boxley, with her husband and children, said her children are good and both her and Cordero are great parents.

Workman said an internal family dispute was the reason why the alert was issued.

Now the main focus is with the children, and the hopes that they can be reunited with their parents.

Workman said, “I don’t want these kids to read or look back on this, and this is what they’ve been through. This is what their parents have been labeled as. It’s confusing.”

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