Trial for assault begins for grandson of Cleveland mayor, Frank Q. Jackson

Two of four charges dropped before jury selected.

Trial for assault begins for grandson of Cleveland mayor, Frank Q. Jackson

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - He is charged with beating a woman with a trailer hitch, choking, and pulling her across a lawn by the hair and then, running from the police.

The trial of Frank Q. Jackson began on Monday. He is the grandson of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson.

The selection of a jury continued into the late afternoon in the courtroom of Judge John O’Connor; it has gone on since before noon.

It is fairly routine, but before that is when things happened, involving some charges being dropped.

“I believe Frank is the victim here and he he being dragged through this because of who his grandfather is, and that us unfortunate,” said Jackson’s attorney, Jeffrey Saffold on the day he was indicted.

He’s called the charges a rush to judgement, especially, since the City of Cleveland refused to file charges before the city did.

His assessment of the case didn’t change on Monday as early on a plea deal was offered.

When the attorneys came back, there was no deal, but it was revealed that in a review of this video, a witness made an observation that changed things.

“One of these women has looked at this video and said, ‘Oh yeah, that’s Frank getting out of the passenger seat,’” Saffold told Judge O’Donnell.

With that, the state had no choice but to ask for two charges of fleeing police to be dropped since Jackson wasn’t the driver.

With that, a jury was called and told why they were here, who Frank Q Jackson is, and what he is charged with.

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