Port Clinton homeowner speaks about layout of chimney where body of Harley Dilly was discovered

A homeowner speaks about the layout of the chimney where a missing teens body was discovered.

Port Clinton homeowner speaks about layout of chimney where body of Harley Dilly was discovered

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The body of 14-year-old Harley Dilly was found inside a chimney nearly one month after his disappearance. Investigators said he got stuck inside.

The homeowner, who didn’t want to be identified, told 19 News the house has been under renovations and hasn’t been occupied since the summer. He also said no one has lived there full-time for about 10 years.

The home on Fulton Street was built in the 1850s and has been in the same family for decades.

“It was built by, it would have been, my great-great grandfather, so it’s been in my mom’s side of the family since the beginning," the homeowner said.

According to the homeowner, the home was winterized. Water wasn’t running, but the heat was on low.

There’s no fireplace in the home and he said the chimney where Dilly climbed into wasn’t in use.

“The heating we have in the house, we have electric baseboard heating," he described.

Somehow, Dilly’s coat and glasses made it onto the second floor, but the 14-year-old did not. Investigators said Dilly got stuck between the two floors.

Investigators contacted the homeowner when the boy’s body was found.

“Mostly, they were just looking for questions about the layout and what was going on from room-to-room with condition of each room, room-by-room as far as what was done and what was not done, renovation wise, and why certain things would be certain places," the homeowner explained.

The homeowner said his family is heartbroken for the Dilly family.

“Not just because it was at our house that this ended at, but more so you always hope for a positive outcome and something like this occurs," he said.

The homeowner also said family members were the only ones who had access to the keys.

Investigators say there was no forced entry. They’re also still looking into just how this happened, still calling it a tragic accident.

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