Police searching for 2 of 4 they say robbed an elderly Shaker Heights man, stole his car and crashed it after a chase

The police chase ended in Cleveland and Cleveland city councilman Blaine Griffin is urging the governor and attorney general work to mandate statewide policies regarding inter-jurisdictional chases.

Police searching for 2 of 4 they say robbed an elderly Shaker Heights man, stole his car and crashed

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Police say four suspects broke into a 69-year-old man’s Shaker Heights home around 6:15 in the morning, and robbed him at gunpoint.

Edward Savol said the thieves stole his valuables and his car.

His home surveillance captured about 20 seconds of the suspects coming in his door, before they ripped the camera off the wall.

At the time, Savol was drinking his morning coffee inside the home on Kendall road.

“All the lights are on in the house, but they just walked right through the back door,” Savol said. “To come in somebody’s house like they did, it’s just ridiculous. One had a gun put it to my head and said give me your money-- or else

He gave them the nine dollars he had in his wallet and his credit card, but that wasn’t enough.

“One fella said ‘get the TV!’” Savol said.

Then, they wanted his car keys.

“That’s when they pushed me down on the floor,” Savol said. “I got bad legs, so I couldn’t get off the floor.”

In the time it took him to pull himself up and call 911, police say the men took off in the car.

Shaker Hts officers spotted them soon after though, and chased the suspects into Cleveland during morning rush hour, until the driver crashed the car at a junkyard on Woodland.

Shaker Heights Police say two juveniles were caught and taken to the hospital.

It’s unclear where the other two suspects are.

Cleveland city councilman Blaine Griffin is concerned the chase entered Cleveland city limits and wants the governor and attorney general to consider statewide chase policies regarding officers from one city enter a neighboring city.

“We need to have some kind of uniform policies, we need law enforcement and other bright, intelligent people to come together and come up with better practices because we don’t want another tragic death like we had with Tamia Chappman,” Griffin said referring to a Cleveland police chase last month that ended in a crash in East Cleveland that killed the 13 year old girl.

Griffin said he went to the scene of the accident following the chase and that multiple people told him they were traumatized after the suspect drove at high speeds followed by police.

“I love law enforcement, I want law enforcement to be able to do their job,” Griffin said, “I want us to make sure we have more uniform policies, that we have more co-ordination, that we make sure the citizens are safe.”

Griffin believes it was just pure luck that no one else was hurt and will urge the governor and attorney general to step in and address the situation.

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