Cleveland Browns OBJ may have gotten LSU in trouble handing out cash to players after win

Post-game celebration showed Odell Beckham Jr. handing cash to players who won championship.

Cleveland Browns' OBJ may have gotten LSU in trouble handing out cash to players

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -Odell Beckham Jr. had quite the night Monday celebrating with his alma mater LSU, handing out cash on the field after the Tigers won the NCAA championship game.

OBJ was shown several times on the sideline with Browns and LSU teammate Jarvis Landry.

It was after the game OBJ was on the field celebrating and at one point, shown counting off money and handing it to players.

The school has issued a statement saying they are aware of the issue and looking into it.

Dr. Charles Campisi, an associate professor and chair of sport management for Baldwin Wallace University said it is most definitely an issue.

β€œYes, it is an issue if the student-athlete plans to continue to play at LSU or any NCAA school,” Campisi said.

Originally, either school or OBJ himself tried to claim it was counterfeit bills, but that explanation was quickly recanted.

Campisi said it doesn’t matter what the denomination, from $0.01 to $1,000,000 the act of giving a student athlete money for their athletic performance is a violation.

But there could be a way no harm will come of OBJ’s generosity and it comes down to the game clock hitting 0:00.

Quarterback Joe Burrow who has come out and said the money was real, was done being a student athlete the second the game was over.

β€œIt is my understanding that Burrow would not be an issue, as his eligibility, for all intents and purposes, expired when the game ended,” Campisi said.

That doesn’t mean this will end up being a non-issue after the NCAA investigates.

β€œSince it appeared the school was not engaged in the act and acted quickly to determine what took place, I believe the penalty will be minimal for LSU,” Campisi. β€œOBJ may be banned from contact with the institution and ineligible to be on the sidelines for a number of years. LSU might see a small penalty in terms of recruiting visit or contact limits, but nothing even as large as a scholarship beginning taken away.”

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